Andrew Mania

Andrew Mania is like a collector of curiosities, or a cultural vagrant. The artist sometimes recycles found images like old master drawings or photographs and then adds his own obsessions or dialogues such as Yeti’s, UFOs or birdlike swarms. He has become known for his portraits featuring young, glamorous subjects that often stare directly back at the viewer. Surrounded by floral decorative elements, or with laser-like beams radiating from their faces, they evoke the mystical qualities of the religious icon.

He was awarded the Wingate Rome Scholorship in 2004 and was the Winner of Pizza Express Prospects Drawing Prize in 2002. He has had numerous exhibitions, including a solo show at Chisenhale, London, John Connelly Presents, New York in 2005 and at the Holburne Museum, Bath in 2007. Other exhibitions include Guggenheim New York, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, Peres Projects LA, Peter Kilchman Gallery Zurich and Yvon Lambert NY. He lives and works in Bristol.

Andrew Mania is represented by Vilma Gold Gallery, London, John Connelly Presents, New York and Jack Hanley Gallery San Francisco.