My work comprises both still and moving images, and Jelly 1.0 is part of an emerging body of work that includes prints and short films. I have tended to work in silkscreen and collograph. Jelly 1.0 will be a first Photogravure, made in collaboration with Spike Print Studio.

My art has always been firmly rooted in photography – and especially the graphic manipulation of the photographic image. My ideas over many years have consisted of exploring mental processes visually – trying to summon the human mind as a landscape or space in flux. I am interested in the ongoing struggle to effectively communicate with those around us. I like to question what is driving us as human beings – our compulsions and addictions, our circular behaviours, our dreams and fears – and our relationship with ‘culture’. In this instance, Jelly is a motif I am using to explore the idea of vulnerability, buried memories and the unstable nature of identity.

Paper size 112 x 76 cm
Somerset velvet
Edition of 20
£500 + VAT unframed

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