Stitched Together; VE Memorial Project update

The VE Memorial project ‘A Stitch in time’ was initiated as a public call-out during the lockdown. It received an overwhelming response from all over the world. Now referred to as ‘Stitched Together’, work has begun. Prerna has started making drawings and prints in response to the photos received. New folds are added to the prints of these folded memories as a dialogue between the sender and the recipient. Attached are some photos of work-in-progress.

The choice of materials and process have been influenced largely by the pandemic. Using cereal boxes and recyclable materials and hand burnishing some prints have become a prominent feature adding to the mix of woodcuts and dry points printed in studio when possible.

The artist hopes to display all the prints as an installation at the upcoming Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair in November. As part of the install there will be paper provided for the audience to interact and make folds. These will be left for the artist to continue the dialogue in future installations and prints. Communication through hand- written letters was the seed and is now growing into a worldwide dialogue through folded memories.

For regular updates follow Prerna’s Instagram account to watch the prints take shape.