Liz Bird – Feb to April 2020

Saturday February 29 – leap year – have to have the dog Azor put down, first and worst shock, need to cancel pet booking for ferries, weirdly we had forgotten to book him on tickets.

My studio being turned into a kitchen, builders arriving Monday next.

Walk westwards, across the fields, down bridlepath towards west end, cross road over the rec, home via Aimee’s to get TONIC and crisps. Tagliatelli alla marinara for supper. Think of all those Italians in their field hospital

March 30

Walked west again to Brockley stores

April 4th

Schedule of daily walks, today is East, up to Jubilee Stone by different route, have to climb five bar gate to get out of field
Walk to the North, looking for Nailsea ponds where Caroline had been on Tuesday, never been there, found after a trek across fields, wonderful place, look like they started as flooded ground from the river Kenn, a series of lakes among trees, spot a swan and a moorhen. Excellent footpaths, all marked with proper gates, no stiles.

Thursday April 2
Walk to the South, looking for Heals Scar, up hills, steep stony paths, Mendips limestone.

Walk East, looking for path we used to take to walk across to the Motto in Barrow Gurney, Brian’s so went north down Bourton Combe, very hazardous limestone

Friday April 3

Monday walked north to Backwell Common, going under main line by one tunnel back by the other. After first tunnel, the path was completely blocked by dairy herd, retreated, took second tunnel, now less waterlogged but still wet. Found Nailsea Ponds by a quicker route, lovely day, took photos, saw Chelvey church from afar and decided to use that view for my next lino cut, a swan crossed my path.

Week 5

Collected May Day wild flowers and drying them ready to make collagraphs; worked out the lockdown artwork: featuring views from my window, maps of my walks, compass points of four or five church towers.

Week 6

Completed two books of artwork: one of nine etchings printed during lockdown title: Goaz Ninon: Louisette; another of eight lino cuts, four collagraphs and a map – all made during lockdown, provisionally entitled ‘My Life during Lockdown’, until I think of something more original. The layout is four prints in each medium: linked to four compass points from our house: four views from our windows; four local churches; four walks using plants from walks for collagraphs (week 9 last post)

Liz Bird Backwell Church

Liz Bird Backwell Church