Simon Tozer Unleashes Gromit

His name is Gromberry and he appeared at the launch, hanging from a crane outside the M Shed in Bristol.   Simon Tozer’s Gromit is installed on the harbour, down near the Pump House.  

… I found it hard to think of a design that was any improvement on Gromit just as he is – but painting him as a delicious fruit seemed just right!

More info on Gromit Unleashed can be found here.

Simon is a long standing member of SPS.  He explains that his work draws on influences from popular art and children’s illustration.  His work ”employs humour to comment on our fallible human nature often through the representation of animals.   The narratives that emerge are often reflections on love and loss, time and mortality.”

More information about his work and process can be found at:

photo by Merlin Crossingham