SPS member Coo Geller in UNFOLD exhibition

A Celebration of Contemporary Artists’ Books and Book Designs at London Print Studio.

Exhibition runs from 14th September until 2nd November 2013

Coo Geller is one of the selected artists whose beautiful Artists’ Books are on display in this exhibition.  Here are some of her thoughts behind the work.

Oak book displayed
Height: 20cms  width:16cms  (folded up size)


OAK is a microscopic journey into the world of an oak tree.  I was privileged to be able to work in the Applied Sciences Department  at the University of the West of England, with the environmental scanning electron microscope (ESEM).  This enabled me to zoom in on an acorn, a twig, a leaf and bark of oak, and observe more than the naked eye can see.


 I want to bring the sense of wonderment to my work that I feel for everyday things – a walnut, an oak leaf, an acorn,

I give value to each little thing, and show its importance in the world.


5cm x 10cm 

These are two flick books from a growing series of flick books of small happenings.

 AROUND A WALNUT looks at a walnut through three hundred and sixty degrees.

WALNUT PEEP SHOW looks as though not much is happening in this flick book………. until the walnut shows it’s flesh …… in a flash of pink!